A Millennial Experiment in Pursuing True Happiness

For those who are confused, uncertain, or anxious about what you’re truly meant to be doing in your career or life, you’re not alone.

Through the stories of our lives, I explore the modern human condition in ways only we understand: navigating FOMO, dealing with jealousy, and finding our own path to happiness.  Then, I share these experiences as an episode on the podcast.

Every week, a new episode will cover topics to help you:

  • Simplify your life – Find what matters most to you, and create lasting happiness
  • Find inner peace – Remove mental clutter to create inner bliss
  • Master your mind – Understand our own mental traps to make better decisions & habits
  • Work better  – Overcome your fears to accomplish meaningful things

The goal? To understand the art & science of living our most fulfilling lives — a life filled with with authentic happiness, accomplishment, and meaning.

This is the modern take on the pursuit of happiness.

The Team

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Live Authentically, Achieve More

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