I’m Aaron Dear, and I study habits that create fulfilling lives, and how to create them.

As one of the first readers of the blog,  I wanted to give you a gift and summarize over $1,000,000 dollars worth of research in 25 seconds. Ready?

Fulfillment in life means:

  • You strive to be extraordinary
  • And even if you don’t become extraordinary, you are gracious for the ordinary
  • You do everything – from small habits to big plans – consciously an deliberately
  • You meditate (no religious preference required)
  • You don’t procrastinate as a default. You can delay short term gratification for a long term goal
  • You have strong social bonds – close friends and family, not acquaintances
  • You are making at least $70,000 a year, and become more fulfilled with every extra dollar you made (fun fact: you are more fulfilled when you make more money… there’s no stop limit)
  • You feel the things you do have a purpose
  • You experience a full range of emotions — you’re not always happy, but you often are.
  • The most fulfilling days were spent deliberately doing the work you love.

There’s much more, but it all boils down to this: you pursued great things, had people to share stories with, and were grateful every step of the way. I call this living a deliberate life.

The hard part is putting it all into practice, which is why I study the habits that can create a deliberate life. This is my new life’s work – refining my theories, putting them to practice in my own life, and sharing everything I learn here.

You only get one life. Learn how to make it your best.

If you agree, I would be honored to call you a reader.

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