Roam Strong is a movement research blog that spun off of 2 microsites I made before: WODVine (2013) and GainTrain (2013).While the other two sites gained a little traction, they felt like commidities: they were simply viral sites templated off of successful sites.

People wanted surface content, but need something more meaningful. That’s when Roam Strong was born. It’s a catalog of experience and research in bodybuilding, calisthenics, and longevity. As the tagline says, it’s all about Moving Stronger, and Living Longer.

When I come across fitness advice I immensely disagree with, I use it to make a post on Roam Strong. Each post accumulates an average of 300-500 views from organic search each month, with one post accumulating 7,000+ each month.

There is no social strategy or promotional tactics. Simply good knowledge that search engines love, because people are looking, and my site provides.

And it helps that my passion pushes through!